The Pico Mountain Observatory was developed by the late Dr. Richard Honrath and colleagues of Michigan Technological University with funding from NOAA. In June of 2006, Michigan Technological University donated the Observatory (aka PICO-NARE station) to the University of the Azores, at a ceremony in Ponta Delgada. The Regional Government of the Azores and the Portuguese Institute of Meteorology participated in the ceremony and demonstrated their commitment to support the future development of the station and to create a permanent, Global Atmosphere Watch station at Pico summit. International research will continue to be welcomed after the transition to a permanent station.

The following two videos were recorded in 2013 and provide perspective on the new research opportunities and the Honrath legacy.

Funding for the Pico Mountain Observatory and the research activities was provided by the following:

See also Pico Mountain Observatory – Trace Gases Focus

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