This unit was created by Lorentyna Harkness, a certified science teacher and MTU graduate student, to help students gain an understanding of what real scientists do, especially in terms of atmospheric science. Aerosols play a role in climate change, and very little is understood about them. A team of scientists led by professors from Michigan Technological University is researching just that; the chemical and physical properties of aerosols. Below you will find an overview document of the unit that details the background information, materials needed, and a brief outline of the unit. Underneath each heading, you will find the teaching notes, student handouts, and PowerPoints used in each lesson. The videos used can be found on the YouTube Channel, “Pico Project Teaching and Outreach Videos”. Click here for the channel page.

Overview  Pico Project Overview

1) Engage:

PowerPoint: Pico Project – 1 Engage

Teaching Notes: Pico Project Intro – TE

Student Handout: Pico Project Intro

2) Classify Particles:

PowerPoint: Day 2 – Classification of Aerosols

Teaching Notes: Classifying and Measuring Aerosol Particles – TE

Student Handout: Classifying and Measuring Aerosol Particles

3) Measure Particles:

PowerPoint: Day 3 – Measuring Aerosols

Teaching Notes: (see “Classify”)

Student Handout: (see “Classify”)

4) Chemistry of Aerosols:

PowerPoint:4 – Chemistry of Aerosols

Teaching Notes: Chemistry of Aerosols – TE

Student Handout: Chemistry of Aerosols

5) Scattering and Absorption:

PowerPoint:5 – Scattering and Absorption

Teaching Notes:Scattering and Absorption – TE

Student Handout: Scattering and Absorption – Open Inquiry, or Scattering and Absorption – Guided Inquiry

6) Elaborate:

PowerPoint: (none)

Teaching Notes: Pico Elaborate – TE

Student Handout: Pico Elaborate

7) Evaluate:

PowerPoint: (none)

Teaching Notes: Evaluate – TE

Student Handout: Pico CER (Grading rubric)

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